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Top 5 Mysterious Places On The Earth --- Learning World

5 Most Mysterious Places That You Won't Believe Actually Exist.

5. The Red Falls Of Antartica

  I'm sure you may know about Antartica. It is the coldest and the deserted place on the Earth. 90% of the world's fresh water is found there. It covers a large area of the earth. You won't see a plant or a human there. In this continent, there's a mysterious waterfall from where a red coloured liquid comes out

  . It was firstly recorded in 1911. When the scientists saw it they were just shocked.😮 .When the people knew about it then they said that is nature's wonder. Some people imagined that its a blood fall. As we know science doesn't let go of a superstition. They started to research and took the liquid sample and tested it in a lab and they found that it was nothing but water with too much iron oxide So we can call it "Iron-rich water". The water becomes red because when iron-rich water comes in contact with oxygen then it forms rust which is red in colour. Now you'll say that it's not a mystery, it's solved.  In fact, I've told you the solved side of the mystery now listen to the unsolved mystery of this place. Its real mystery is not above the surface but it's below the surface. When scientist researched the rocks then they found iron oxide and 17 types of microorganisms which can live where oxygen is not present. The scientists haven't found how these microorganisms survive in absence of oxygen. This is the unsolved mystery. Antartica is that part of our earth where new creatures are found and this concludes that the after being found millions of creatures we haven't found the many microbes and bacterias.

4. The underwater city of Shicheng, China

This a mysterious city which is in the famous lake in China. Yes, it's inside the water and its name is "The Lion City". If you were a thousand years old then you might have seen the city but the people of that time made a lake above it. If you watch it from above then you'll see nothing but water. 

After some decades it was discovered by Scova divers and some of them have captured its image as proof. The noticeable thing is that the thousands of years old monuments exist today and in very good condition. There are paintings and designs on the wall of it.

  The scientists found that these monuments are a thousand years old and there is nothing about in history. There's a question arises that why the kings made a lake above it and why the didn't want to show it publically. Nobody knows that. Some philosophers have said that it was a nice city but due to some natural disaster it got sunk the same like Atlantic's lost city. Now it has been a tourist destination where people visit there and I have a suggestion for you that is if you visit there the scuba diving.

3. North Sentinel Island

It is one of the places in the world where you can't go if you went then you'll never return. It is also called 'Hardest Place To Visit'. I'm gonna explain this is why? This Sentinel island lies in the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Its impossible to imagine that people don't know about the modern world and there are a group of people who are living on that island who don't know about modern things. They are just living in the back. When someone tries to visit that island to make friendship with them then they attack the guy and try to kill him. While a flood there, the Indian government wanted to help them and send a rescue team there then they attacked and killed a team member and after that government banned that place.
 Many scientists had tried to know what they eat, how they treat diseases and what they do every day.
It is totally covered with a dense forest so that we can observe them. They are living there for 60,000 years and they are one of the ancient humans. They don't matter who are you they'll treat with you with crossbow and spear. Even they'll not accept your given food or clothes. Their languages and behaviours are unknown. It is totally unexplored and that makes it mysterious.

2. The Overtoun Bridge

There's a very mysterious bridge in Scotland whose name is Overtoun. It was built in 1895 by a civil engineer Henry E. Milner. It is a place where dogs suicide and nobody knows why this happens?

This bridge is 45 feet above the water stream. Since 1950 50-60 dogs had suicided at the rate of 1 dog/per year. Dogs suicide it's not bizarre the main point is that all the dogs suicide in the same condition. People have noticed that when it is a clear day when they suicide and another odd thing is that all the dogs jump from the same side and at the same place and most of the dogs which suicide have long body hair. However, we can't explain it but there are many theories which say that there's an unknown power which attracts dogs to suicide. There is a very famous story that told that a man was playing with his child on the bridge and he experienced an unknown sensation and he thrown his child in the water and also jumped in. The child died but he didn't and just hurt himself and save his life. When police asked him why he did this then he answered that he doesn't have any thinking capacity at that time. The local people say that since the child died from then dogs are suiciding and the bridge was considered 'haunted'. It is supposed that dogs have extra senses and they can experience that we can't. People say that dogs experience something in the water and they suicide. RSPB means Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds whose animal expert 'David Sexton' had tried to find a scientific fact for that. He found that there is a smell of mice and mink in the water due to which dogs jump in the water and to prove this statement he did an experiment and he spread the scent of mice and minks in the field and observed that out of the ten dogs eight dogs got attracted towards it. This proves that why the dogs were suiciding isn't it? Nope, I've said no because the local people claimed that there were no mick and mice for decades. There was a hunter named John Joyce, who was living there for 50 years. He said that"There is no mink and mice around here and I can tell you that with absolute certainty". He said that those mice and minks had just reached here a few years ago but then before their arrival, the dogs were suiciding with the same rate. This theory doesn't prove why dogs jump from the same place in the same condition. Why this doesn't happen on the world's other bridges.
And still, it's a mystery.....

1. Hell Town, Ohio

In the 1960s US government had bought a huge circle of land to make it a national park. The government shifted all the people from there to another place where the same facilities were available. They government burnt all the left houses and the bizarre is that the project of the national park is done till now. Some of the philosophers say that the government had shifted people for other reason, not for the national park. But many conspiracy theories were made and the most common theory tells us that a chemical reaction was done there and people were mutated. Mutation is a process which is done in our DNA and makes our body odd. They say that the chemical reaction had mutated many people and when the government burnt down the houses then they burnt those mutated persons so that to hide this chemical experiment. And its a very strong point now you think a land area which was bought to make a national park and it is not made. The land is still deserted. So there's something unexplored and mysterious.


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