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Positive Effects Of Playing Games --- Learning World

     Positive And Negative Effects Of Playing Video Games

 Positive Effects Of Playing Games --- Learning World
 Positive Effects Of Playing Games --- Learning World

We all have heard that playing video games has negative effects on our body. But today we're gonna know the positive effects on our body. So, let's begin.

Knowing the science of video games is intelligence not caring the fake matters. "Video Game" after listening to this you'll think about kids who play games. In research, scientists found that 90% of kids under 10 years play video games but the teenager's stats are not so far from the kids they are just 10% away of kids that means 80% of teenagers play video games. In a study, it is found that the average age of a gamer is 33 years old. It is also predicted that the gamers in future will be the old aged. And this proves that all aged people do play video games. "Activision" is a gaming company which has given stats that after the one month of launching date of Call Of Duty that it was played for 600 Million Hours means 68 thousand years. It's okay because it was the incident of the year 2010. But if we talk about the most played games of these days are not Counter-Strike, Call Of Duty or the PUBG. Here's the list of most played games:-

In this blog, I'm not gonna say that just play games but I'm gonna tell you if you play games in balanced amount then how it will sharp or train your mind and how does it affect your mind positively. You may have read some articles or watched a video that tells that games are making children mad and decreasing brain memory, etc. Then keep these mindless articles or news by side and know the real scientific facts. Cognitive research ' Daphne Bavelier' have done some research and found the effects of playing video games on your brain. It is regarded that playing video games reduce eyesight. Okay, those who don't play games have normal eyesight but those who play video games like gamers have better eyesight than those who don't play games. It is found in several studies. Gamers are more capable of reading small written words because all they do while playing games is to look ahead and read all the messages or notifications displayed in games. The second thing which is better in gamer than a normal person is the detection of grey colour and this is because the colour used in games are mostly grey which makes gamers to detect grey colour easily. The benefit of it is that you can drive a car easily in foggy weather and a gamer can see other vehicles easily but you can't. Playing video games increase our sense of detecting grey colour. You may have heard that many people always work on a computer and have good eyesight and someone who did work only for a year have poor eyesight. This means everyone has different body types and genes.
Believe it or not but games don't make our eyesight bad just keep it in mind.

Playing games doesn't affect our eyesight, it totally depends on our genes.

The second wrong thing is spread in the world is that playing games decrease our focusing and concentration power. It is found in research that in a conflict situation like choosing one out of two options, in this situation gamers choose easily than a normal person. A gamer has more attention and concentration power than us. They can easily make the right decisions in an extreme situation because in a game they have to hide, fight, and make decisions in a second.

Gaming doesn't decrease our concentration power but it increases our focus and attention.

Another thing which gamers have more is to track an object. You always use your tracking power while walking or running to avoid hurtle. Unconsciously your brain track others to make you walk safe but when someone has drunk then he loses his power and you've seen them they walk stumbling and falling. While driving a normal brain tracks other vehicles, peoples or even animals but this power is too much in a gamer because a gamer has a habit of keeping much knowledge at the same time like how many ammo are left or where are the enemies etc. 'Parietal Lobe' a part of our brain which helps in tracking objects and this part is more active in gamers than a normal person. And there are many more parts in our brain is more active in gamers. Gamers have more multitasking capacity. Let's assume you get a call while driving then you'll have more chances of having an accident but a gamer can easily talk to that caller and drive the vehicles without having an accident. The part which does multitask in our brain gets more activated in the gamers. Multitasking doesn't mean doing thousand of works at a moment but that means do work and then do another. And now don't see only the positive side of playing games. Everything in the world has two aspects positive or negative.
If you play games in a limit or play for an hour or half an hour then you'll have no effects on your body and mind but if you play games whole day then it will work same as alcohol. It is proved that taking alcohol in limit works as medicines and have a good effect on our heart but we know that excess of everything is bad. 
So, the conclusion is play games in the limit it will like medicine but if you will play too much then it will act as a poison.

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