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Illuminati Mystery --- Learning World

                           The Mystery Of Illuminati


I'm sure that most of you do know about 'Illuminati'. But for those who don't know about it, I'm gonna explain it. Illuminati is not a person it's a group which does have many members. I don't know it is or it was I mean it does exist or not because this is the mystery. Now, we can't solve its mystery then we should know its history. 

Bavaria, Germany                                                     1 May, 1776 

A German philosopher whose name was Adam Weishaupt created a secret society which was named 'The Order Of Illuminati'. People of that time considered them as enlightened, means they do have special knowledge which others haven't. Their motive was to create a new world order and to rule the world. Some sources reveal that they don't have a specific rule. They can do anything to rule the world either they have to do black magic or choose any wrong way. This is why they trust evil more than niceness. This society was quite different from any other society not only because they wanted to rule the world but also because all that they do' do very secretly. No one can even get sniff what they are gonna do. They do have a symbol which you can see above. People say that the eye which is in the pyramid is the eye of 'Lucifer' which is an evil who does look the world to know what is going on. After some years of formation of the secret society, a ruler Charles Theodor banned the secret society because he had fear of Illuminati which can seize his rule. He banned because he has seen that the group was growing and growing and had more than  2000 members. After that what happened next? Nobody knows that........ It is supposed that the next generation of Illuminati exists even today. It is also believed that Illuminati has a lot to do with the wars of history like The French Revolution, the Assassination of John F. Kennedy. People think Illuminati has done these wars and revolutions.
But there is no proof to prove that they really exist today.

It is also believed that if a person makes these types of signs then he will be considered as Illuminati.
There are many secret societies of Illuminati on the internet which claim themselves  Illuminati. They promise people to sell their soul and instead of that they will make them famous in a few years. People consider those celebrities as Illuminati who gets famous in a few years. But I don't think so, how can sell your soul. We need to do hard work no any society is gonna make us famous after paying them our soul and money............ Beware of those ......,

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